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[Discussion 48h] Raising VAT 
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Post [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
Dear members of Congress I would want to begin discussion about raising Vat. As We know our treasure is not very bad condition, but also is not such good as We would want to be I think. After lost war against Denmark/Albania and after fights with MTOs in Norway We should think about to secure us financially before similar situation. So I think it is good time to talk about raising this tax. As You can know, in other countries already Vat is on the higher level than is in Sweden, and We should go in this direction too. Therefore I would want ask If You agree with me and invite to share with us Your opinion in this case. In Your opinion, I please You to put on what we should raise Vat( on food, or on weapons or on both), and how much?

My opinion is such:

FOOD - from 1% to 3%
WEAPONS - from 1% to 3%


In voting took part 12 congressmen. Results(unofficially):

9 votes on YES
3 votes on NO

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28 Dec 2015, 22:00
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
I agree with you, We should raise the VAT in order to fill up our cofferts.
With that money we could more easily fend of hostile invaders, both other nations and coups.

I also agree that 3% would be a good point to start off from.

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28 Dec 2015, 22:10
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
3% sounds good for me to start with!

28 Dec 2015, 22:18
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
3% låter bra att testa med.

29 Dec 2015, 01:57
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
Instämmer, Let's go with 3%

29 Dec 2015, 02:28
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
Utifrån vad som sagts i PM-tråden på forumet så är jag för en 3% höjning.

29 Dec 2015, 10:07
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
3% är rimligare än 5%.
Men jag skulle vilja veta hur mycke cc har vi?

29 Dec 2015, 10:34
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
3% verkar rimligt

29 Dec 2015, 12:29
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT


Om ni vill ge Lantrip och Plato pengar kan ni väl ordna det själva och donera frivilligt, istället för att råna hela landet. Tvärtom borde hela statskassan doneras ut i en enda massiv skatteåterbäring.


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29 Dec 2015, 13:54
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Post Re: [Discussion 48h] Raising VAT
swe92 wrote:
3% är rimligare än 5%.
Men jag skulle vilja veta hur mycke cc har vi?

Åtminstone 680 000 SEK. Rykterna säger att det är den summan svenska regeringen har stulit från en privatägd organisation.

29 Dec 2015, 13:56
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