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Uppdatering 6e mars dag 1568 
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Post Uppdatering 6e mars dag 1568
Plato | 55 minutes ago
Dear Citizen,

As a new step toward stabilizing and bringing back the fun in the economy module, starting today all national currencies will be automatically traded at a fixed exchange rate.

For your convenience, all the various currencies you owned were converted into your current citizenship currency. The conversion rate was computed based on the exchange rates of the bought offers from the monetary market in the last 30 days.

You can see the various currencies that you had before the conversion here:

Best Regards,
The eRepublik Team

Det betyder att du nu endast kan ha 1 valuta och det är den som du har som Citizenship.
Du kan handla på alla marknader för din SEK, dock får säljaren valutan i sin valuta medan du betalar med din.

Hur det fungerar när du byter CS är att upptäcka.


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06 Mar 2012, 15:37 WWW
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Post Re: Uppdatering 6e mars dag 1568
Lite kort Frågor och Svar:

* Vad händer med pengarna om du byter CS?
Det enda som händer är att dina pengar förs över till den valutan med 1:1, dvs den "byter namn"

* Om jag donerar 1 SEK till ngn får den personen alltid 1 RON?
Det är en bugg som är just nu, valutan skall så klart vara beroende på ens CS.

* Kan jag använda min valuta överalt?
Ja, alla kan använda "sin" valuta i vilket land som helst, enda skillnaden är igentligen att den heter olika, men de har alla samma värde

* Hur fungerar RW's nu?
Ett RW kostar 1000 currency, och betalas med "din" valuta.

**Mer FAQ kommer**

Nuvarande buggar:

* Donationer kommer alltid fram i RON
* Bud försvinner inte från MM

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06 Mar 2012, 16:14 WWW
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Post Re: Uppdatering 6e mars dag 1568
Monetary Market Updates
The current changes imply that there is a global currency available in game. The name displayed is based on the citizenship you have, but in reality, the currencies are equal. For example if you change citizenship all your money will be transformed in the new currency and you will be able to use it. This way you will not lose the money you had, you will be able to use them in any country and for any actions that until now implied exchange rates on the monetary market.

You can check the conversion rates following this link: . You will see there how your currency was transformed into what you have now.

Selling on your citizenship market or other markets
If you want to sell something on the normal market, like food or weapons, the name of the currency will be the same as your citizenship currency. However if you want to sell something on another nations market, you think that the name would be their currency, but no, that is not correct, the name will still be your citizenship currency however it will be sold on the correct market but for their currency. Thus, if you want to sell 10 Q6 Weapons on the Swedish Market but live in the US, I will buy your Q6 Weapons for my own SEK, however you will get USD, lets say you sell for 100 USD each, I will then buy for 100 SEK but you will get 100 USD, keep in mind the taxes for each country as well.

Starting a RW
The Resistance War cost will continue to be 1000 currency, however as you cannot change currency anymore you will pay with the currency you have now and it will be "converted" into the correct currency. Thus if a Romanian and an American want to support a RW in, lets say Denmark, the Romanian will pay 1000 RON, the American will pay 1000 USD and so on, you thus dont need to exchange into Denmark's currency.


10 Mar 2012, 01:22
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