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Hi i am from Croatia and i want to became a part of eSweden comunity so plz aprove my CS

16 Sep 2013, 19:02
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Hello Svenen619,
Why are you applying for eSwedish citizenship?
I see that you are a relatively new citizen to the eWorld, how come you want to change from Croatia to Sweden?

Earlier we had that every citizen that was applying for swedish citizenship had to fill out this form:
Erep CS:
Government work:
Reason for CS:

Could you fill this out to give us ore information about the application.

Thank you in andvance and have a nice day,

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16 Sep 2013, 19:21
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Post Re: CS
"Svenen" -> "Svennen"

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22 Sep 2013, 00:55
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Post Re: CS

Som ni ser så är det bra att ifrågasätta okänt folk, speciellt om de inte talar svenska.


24 Nov 2013, 15:32
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